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Judging - Scoring

Do you score every round? Do you score numerically? Do you use a standard scoring system, (i.e., is an 80 in Palm Beach equal to an 80 at a local schooling show) or do you use a sliding scale?

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Judging Challenges/Mistakes

Comment on the challenges of judging a large class. How do you keep track? Have you ever made a mistake while judging? How did or would you handle it?

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Judging Experience

How, if at all, do you bring your own past experiences as a rider, trainer and instructor into judging?

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Lead Changes

Lead Changes-Hunters: Discuss how you judge a missed change, a late swap, a skip behind, versus landing on the correct lead after every jump. Are you more critical of these errors in a Pre-Green class versus an Amateur/Junior class?

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Open/Green vs Jr/Amateur

Do you have different judging criteria between judging an Amateur or Junior Hunter class versus a Professional class (Pre-green, Green or Working Hunter)?

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Professional Rider vs Non-Pro

If it comes down to two great rounds in a hunter class - one ridden by a professional trainer, and one by an Amateur or Junior - are there differences in the way the two rounds are judged?

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Style/Impression: What are your thoughts on “showing off” your horse? Do you like, or even expect a rider to show off their horse’s best qualities? An example could be: trotting down the length of the arena if the horse is an exceptionally good mover. What kinds of “extra credit” moves would impress you and what would not?

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Talking While Riding

Many Amateurs and Juniors talk to their horses during a round.  Do you find it offensive?

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Use of the Crop/Stick

How do you penalize/reward a rider that has to use their crop during a round? Is this action judged differently in equitation vs. hunters?

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