Classic Equitation

QUESTION: What do you essentially look for in an equitation ride? What are your top three priorities in the rider’s form in terms of importance in an equitation rider, and why? (heels, hands, seat, eyes, etc.)

Form follows function is the theme of good equitation. Many of our top Olympians excelled as Medal equitation winners.

While most riders and trainers understand the basic equitation position, judging equitation is much more than placing a beauty pageant. It’s rating that undefinable connection between horse and rider and assessing good horsemanship. We ask our experienced horsemen to describe the optimum attributes of a good riding position, and the most important aids that contribute to a solid equitation performance.

Judges’ Answers to this question:


Jimmy Lee:

Otis Brown:

Brian Lenehan:

Linda Andrisani:

Scott Fitton:

Bucky Reynolds:

Leo Conroy:

Susie Schoellkopf: