Equitation – Tack, Trends

QUESTION: In an Equitation class, do you consider the bit and the martingale? Regarding shin boots, hind boots, bell boots, polos, etc. – do they take away from or add to “the look?”

A balanced horse that moves naturally through collection exemplifies a rider’s equitation. Trainers and riders use various bits, aids and tack in order to achieve rideability and smoothness in a performance that shows off a rider’s horsemanship. Regulation snaffles, pelhams and full bridles, all with cavesson nose bands, are allowed. Boots and conservative colored bandages are permitted. A judge at his own discretion can penalize a horse with nonconventional types of bits or nose bands.

Given the range of bits, martingales, and equipment allowed in equitation classes, our experts comment on the equipment that detracts from a round and their preferences in tack that enhance an equitation performance.

Judges’ Answers to this question:

Danny Robertshaw:

Scott Williamson:

Bucky Reynolds:

Mike Rosser:

Frank Willard:

Keith Hastings: