Keith Hastings

Keith Hastings is a US Equestrian Federation “R” hunter and hunt seat equitation judge, successful trainer and horseman, running Cloud’s Harbor Farm out of Clemmons, North Carolina. In the horse industry for 40+ years, Keith’s judging venues include Gulf Coast shows, WEF, HITS Ocala,HITS Coachella Desert Circuit and all over the US, east to west, north to south.

At Cloud’s Harbor, Keith and his partner Pat Dodson train horses and riders. Keith is a top hunter rider taking many horses to championships at major east coast shows. Keith and Pat attend shows from the ‘C’ level to the ‘AA’ level. Both are ‘R’ rated judges and travel throughout the United States to judge.

This Judge’s Answers:

Adding a Stride:  (more…)

Use of the Crop/Stick:  (more…)

Hunter Tack:  (more…)

Equitation – Tack:  (more…)

Equitation Extra Credit:  (more…)