Linda Andrisani

Linda Andrisani is a 30+ year veteran of the judge’s stand in the hunter ring and one of the most well-known and well-respected hunter judges in the country. Her home base is in Maryland where she ran a full-time horse show operation until 2006. Horses from her barn won numerous national championships and she gained a sterling reputation throughout the country.

Today, Linda spends her winters in Wellington, Florida, and her summers traveling about the country. She has been a judge at all the major horse shows in North America including the National Horse Show, Harrisburg, the Washington International and the Royal Winter Fair in Canada.

Linda Andrisani produced The Judge’s Eye DVD, explaining the ins and outs of hunter judging.

This Judge’s Answers:

The Classic Hunter:  (more…)

Classic Equitation:  (more…)

Judging – Scoring:  (more…)

Conformation Showmanship:  (more…)

Professional Rider vs Non-Pro:  (more…)

Equitation – Horse Errors:  (more…)

Breeds:  (more…)

Hunter Attire:  (more…)

Equitation Work-offs:  (more…)

Braiding:  (more…)